Mulch foil


Mulch foil


Positive aspects of the application of mulch films are faster land warming, and the high quality of LDPE materials and superb adhesion to the surface of the soil guarantee exceptional heat conversion.

With considerable savings in soil moisture, crop is contributing earlier, and fruits have greater marketability. The effect of concentrated carbon dioxide emissions from soil (chimney effect) contributes to a better growth and accelerated development of plants. The effective control of weeds and the reduction of the threat of phytopathogens and insects are also one of the significant advantages. After the completion of the vegetation cycle of the GINEGAR crop, a little foil is removed easily and completely because the UV is stabilized. Otherwise, poor quality films retain the remains in the soil, and their content increases cumulatively, which in turn prevents the further production of health-safe vegetables.

1. Black cast – thin, elastic, matt black mulberry foil, 15 micrometer thickness for vegetable growing in open pit fields, 0.8 m wide, 1 mi 1.2 m, roll length 1000 m with 50 mm holes in schedule according to your order. Unrivaled in adhesion to the surface of the soil, it does not leave air pockets, and the matted surface does not reflect solar radiation, so the land is rapidly warming up in February and March and with the minimum solar radiation. In later phases it provides an ideal moisture / bank coating, prevents nutrient losses from rinsing and prevents possible pathogens.

2. Black – black mulch for pepper breeding, 20 microns in width, 1.2 m, with openings of 5 cm diameter in a 50 x 30 cm distribution in a zigzag schedule.

– black mulch strawberry foil, a thickness of 30 microns in width of 1.2 m, and a 1.2 m wide film with diameters of 5 cm in the diagram of 40 × 30 and 30 × 30 cm in zigzag, for a length of more than 3 years.

Standard black mulch plates are used for the cultivation of vegetables and berry fruit, and the advantages are mainly related to faster soil warming, early fattening, successful weed control, water saving (up to 50% in case of water droplets), better phytosanitary conditions and targeted carbon dioxide emissions from soil in the phytosynthetic surface area.

3. Silver / brown, thermal mulch foil, for growing cucumber and strawberries, 25 microns in width, 1.2 m with and without perforations. The silver / brown film retains all the properties of conductivity, thanks to the brown color of the back, while the silver color of the face, apart from the reflection of light, also contributes to the reduction of the attacks of your white, white fly and red spider. In the nature of reflected diffused light, there is a key of the repellent effect towards insects, which is also used in Integrated Plant Protection Systems (IPM).

4. Long-lasting silver / brown and white / black mulch film, from 25 to 150 microns thick for perennial fruit plantations. This film, besides preventing weed growth, the abandonment of the use of herbicides, allows for water saving, intensive root development, and also acts repellently on the dominant types of harmful insects. Reflected diffused light allows for more intensive assimilation and greater organic production. It showed very good results when planting blueberry plantations.

5. Red-brown, thermal foil for early tomato production, 25 microns thick, 1.2 m wide. This warm film, with the exception of the earlier maturation of tomatoes and blue eggplant, allows the spectral composition of diffused light to better the color of the fruit and give them greater market value.

6. White-black mulch for salad dressing and summer vegetable crops, 25 microns thick, 1.2 m wide; 1.8 m and 2.5 m without and with perforations. White black foil can be used for all summer crops which, in conditions of high temperatures, should be protected against overheating of the root system, so that during late autumn and winter periods and conditions of reduced intensity of light, they can contribute to longer duration and more intense photosynthesis. We also use white-black foil for millennium plantations of woody fruits, 150 microns in thickness, 1.4 m in width, whether they are planted before planting, or subsequently, on already-planted plants.

All foils are in the original factory roll length of 1000 m, and can be cut to desired length at request for additional length and perforated in the desired arrangement of the diameter of the 50 mm diameter.