Agricultural Cooperative “Agrobobica”

AC Agrobobica, as a specialized cooperative for the production, purchase and distribution of berry fruit premium quality, presents our development project for the export of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry premium quality for fresh consumption to the European and world markets.

We are here to provide you ONLY the BEST, not only the necessary certified certified seedlings, but also all the materials and necessary mechanization services. We are here to help you be BEST with your knowledge and experience, with the support of expert teams from the Netherlands, Israel and Italy.

Our agronomic team is always at your disposal, starting with plant design, through project execution and work supervision, to professional training, production management and health checking.

AC Agrobobica plans to raise its own strawberry fruit premium quality for export, as well as new state-of-the-art planting in its subcontractors.

We know how to get premium quality and the best export markets.

AC Agrobobica is at your disposal for all necessary information and services.

Our Team

We're here to provide you only the best quality!

Aleksandar Jolović
Aleksandar Jolovićfounder
Nenad Tulović
Nenad Tulovićmanagement
Drasko Radulović
Drasko Radulovićfounder
Ivan Novaković
Ivan Novakovićfounder
Aleksandar Andrić
Aleksandar Andrićfounder
Danijela Jočović
Danijela Jočovićtechnologist
Miroslav Jovanović
Miroslav Jovanovićfounder

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Our agronomic team is always at your disposal!

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