The world’s best quality seeds and complete offer of AGROBOBICA

Global efforts by Enza Zaden and Takii in breeding focus on more than 30 varieties of vegetables.

We enter the dialogue and listen carefully to the market. We follow global trends to get information that we translate into innovative vegetable varieties and high quality vegetable seeds.

It is this expertise and our many years of experience that enable us to offer the market exactly the varieties of vegetables that it wants, at the right time, so that the whole chain can make the most of our efforts.

A complete assortment of the world’s highest quality seedlings of Enza Zaden and Takii can be found at the best prices offered by AC “Agrobobica”.

In addition to the seeds of the company Enza Zaden and the company Takii in offer of Agrobobica, you are expecting:

  • high quality Haifa granulated, crystalline and liquid fertilizers
  • organic composted fertilizers, peat as well as the highest quality substrate mixtures for the production of seedlings
  • amino acids, humic and fulvic acids
    state-of-the-art construction of greenhouses with complete equipment
  • five-layer Israeli foil for plastic bottles, foil, anti-fouling and seaming networks, thermosetting foils, agro-textiles, etc.
  • state-of-the-art irrigation and spraying equipment
    mechanical services for raising banks and placing a little foil