The cooperators and associates of Agrobobica and Zeleni Hit are expecting record yields of fruit and vegetable crops.

The slogan “Only the best is good enough” contains the basic mission of our young and ambitious team when it comes to fertilization and mineral nutrition of different types of plants. In addition to the highest quality of mineral fertilizers, Agrobobica and Zeleni Hit offers you recommendations on how to best answer the needs of cultivated crops in modern farming systems both in protected areas and in open field production. Our partner HAIFA CHEMICALS represents true pioneers in the area of ​​precise mineral nutrition through irrigation systems and one of the world’s leading companies in this field. Due to the pempium quality of its own raw materials from the potassium nitrate mine on the Dead Sea, it is an indispensable factor in world trade, especially in the most developed countries of western Europe where it is not allowed to have impurities that can adversely affect the healthfulness of vegetables and fruits.

In addition to crystalline water-soluble fertilizers, Haifa, Agrobobica and Green hit, today more and more attention is paid to the application of granular water-resistant fertilizers in the so-called ” “Nutrition per spoon”, whether in their formulation, they use humic acids, nitrification inhibitors, or it is a quoted fertilizer with controlled nutrient feeding for a period of 2, 4 or more months.

Most granular fertilizers are formulated on the basis of pure potassium nitrate, which speaks of their best quality, best performance, and also the highest yields of vegetables and fruits of premium quality. This fully justifies their relatively high price in comparison with similar formulations on the market, which are obtained through a significant share of raw materials such as potassium sulfate, and potassium chloride. It is known that potassium chloride as a raw material for formulating NPK granular fertilizers reduces the possibility of accumulating large amounts of starch and sugar in fruits and vegetables, and also affects the occurrence of reducing sugars, resulting in lower quality and “chess life”.

Expressing its commitment to the development of new Haifa technologies, the PIONEERING THE FUTURE expresses itself actively in the global process of protecting biosphere and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by developing the most modern concept of rational mineral nutrition of plants. Our contribution to the overall advancement of knowledge and skills in this field (“PIONEERING KNOWLEDGE”) is a precise combination of the application of organic composted fertilizers, water-soluble mineral fertilizers and organic macromolecules, which, with the use of useful microorganisms, enables the full stability of agroecosystems in the most intense conditions of use.