Seedlings blueberries

Blueberry seedlings


Variety of early ripening and medium-sized berries. It blooms later why it avoids the danger of late spring frosts. The bush is formed from strong, upright well developed shoots, which grow to a height of up to two meters. Regular cuts are needed for high and regular yields. The bikers are very attractive looking for excellent storage capacity. The fetus is thin and crisp, well-colored. One of the most common varieties, highly valued for regular, stable and high yields. It is recommended for cultivation as a leading variety, since the ripening time in our main production areas from June 10 to July 15 enables the achievement of very high fruit prices on the market. Variety of high adaptability, with the most significant economic influence in the production of blueberries.


The variety originates from Duke, and is selected at the University of Michigan. Adult bush is 1.5 m high, 1.0 m wide, upright habitus. A self-contained variety, which by cross-pollination gives bigger and better fruits. The length of the fetus is 1.1-1.4 cm, width 1.5-1.9 cm, average weight 1.6 g, purple blue, with tiny and dry scarring scales. The fruits are unexpectedly uniform in shape and size. Compared with Blukrop, berries have much better firmness, better taste, better keeping and transportability. The fruits can be eaten fresh, frozen, or processed into juices. It matured a few days after Duke, but before Bluecrop. Suitable for mechanized harvesting due to a short period of maturation. It is not recommended for wet and cold habitats.