The mission and vision of AC “Agrobobica” continues – the modern aspect of the co-operation

On the family farm Dragivoje Vukovic in the village of Loncanik, municipality of Ub, the mission and vision of AC “Agrobobica” continues. The contemporary type of cooperation gets its recognizable image.

After the preparatory work, the land cultivation for the cultivation of strawberry plantations, Roxana variety, was cultivated on the surface of 1.2 ha.

Under the supervision of prof. dr. Nebojša Momirović and our team began to create banks, set up two sides for irrigation, and films primarily intended for the species, as well as a strawberry assortment.

Then, the planting of high quality frigo seedlings of the Italian manufacturer Geoplant was under the supervision of Agrobobica employees.

Worthy hands, dedication and the desire of all of us to show that with modern technology, quality planting material as well as professional breeding we can achieve the results of the strongest European and world countries in achieving high yields and in the production of premium quality and placement in demanding markets.

In the end, a mandatory kettle and socializing of the family Vuković, our worthy hosts, with everyone who contributed to raising this magnificent plant.

We warmly thank them and invite all interested parties to join and be part of a team that has a clear vision in establishing modern fruit growing.

Expert team AC “Agrobobica” is here for you from design with a feasibility study, plantation and expert fruit growing.

We know how to make premium quality!